Mission Statement

To provide fleet managers and owners with effective and legal solutions to diesel truck and equipment emissions mandates of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) by developing proprietary software solutions to accomplish regulatory reporting, capital forecasting and compliance monitoring.

About Us


CleanFleets.net provides solutions to owners of diesel engines:

  • - Engineering
  • - Regulatory Compliance
  • - Compliance Monitoring
  • - Regulatory Reporting
  • - Capital Forecasting
  • - Information Technology
  • - Enforcement Resolution 

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We offer diesel fleets a one-stop integrated diagnostic, engineering, procurement and compliance monitoring service in the complex area of diesel risk reduction. Project Manager Sean Edgar has a dozen years of experience in diesel fleet rule development and implementation and our team of experienced analysts and support staff provide service to more than 200 public and private fleets.

The key value proposition to our clients is that we work directly for the fleet owner to determine the most effective strategies available from multiple vendors. We do not sell retrofit parts, we sell compliance solutions according to California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations.

Clean Fleets.net provides the critical link between developing regulatory programs, a dynamic technology market, and the vehicle or equipment owner’s planning and execution of a compliance plan. Today’s fleets need to quantify the emissions from their California-based diesel engines and plan for future reductions in air impacts from diesel particulate to greenhouse gas.