Navigating the Maze Project Manager Sean Edgar has participated in every California statewide diesel control measure since the Year 2000.

The company now provides consulting engineering services to more than 200 public agency and privately owned fleets affected by the following California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations:
  • •    Public Transit Bus
  • •    Solid Waste Collection Vehicle rule
  • •    Offroad diesel vehicles
  • •    Cargo handling equipment
  • •    Large spark ignition engines
  •      (e.g. propane forklifts)
  • •    Portable diesel engines
  • •    Port/Drayage trucks
  • •    Statewide Truck and Bus
  • •    Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas


We bring a dozen years of diesel fleet experience to your project. provides the diesel fleet manager and owner with a clear understanding of the impact of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) air quality laws. We do so by obtaining or creating a full inventory of your trucks and equipment. From that point, we can guide you to answer the following:

•    What, if any, diesel emission retrofit regulation applies
•    What is the timeline associated with the relevant regulation
•    What are the acceptable technology options
•    What are the likely costs
•    Who are the approved vendors for the technology
•    How to obtain and document the technology selected

Our evaluation is geared to giving the fleet owner all the available options to make an informed decision with the most cost effective choice available under the law.

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